About us

The Only Animal is a place based theatre company that roams from beaches to forests to warehouses to theatres, including one constructed of snow and ice. Settling here at Joe Creek and opening the doors of this Artist Retreat is our way of putting down roots while continuing to spread out and connect others to this remarkable land and community, on traditional Coast Salish territory, settled by loggers, fisherman, artists, retirees, growers, and yes, visitors from Vancouver and beyond.

We invite you to settle in this place for a while: breathe the air, amble, sit, get cozy, stretch out, walk to the beach or ride into town. Renew your senses and listen to the quiet voice inside. Find the space and time to do nothing, and in that nothing, may something true grow. 

A retreat from the madness of the city - this space gave me breathing room to uncover a mind as fecund as the environment of Canada's West Coast.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray, artist

We wanted to thank you so very, very, very much for your wonderful hospitality and the great opportunity to get some work done with my family in tow. I was able to create six active plein-air pieces (which I'll use to base the larger gallery works on), some great onsite sketches and a finished drawing, as well as obtain loads of reference material for the upcoming months.

Janice Tanton

Joe Creek was a grounding, productive, and beautiful experience. It was a retreat in the truest sense of the word, allowing me to withdraw from the constant buzzing of city life and spend a week living and breathing the world of my play.

Briana Brown

The solitude and space were just what I needed to free up my mind for the piece I was writing. I already miss the cosy cabin with its view of dark forest and towering trees– and the immense quiet of Joe Creek, the breathing room it affords for the mind, which needs to be experienced to be believed.

Jordan Hall

I can't recommend The Only Animal's retreat highly enough. As an Englishman who had never been to Canada before, I was made to feel incredibly welcome and very well taken care of.

Dan Canham

Writing 6 to 8 hours a day, I still had time to go for walks to the beach (five minutes away), and bike rides to the general store in Roberts Creek. Without distractions, the play worked itself into my dreams and my writing entered new unfound territory. My week at Joe Creek was essential in completing a first draft.

Jeremy Waller